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    About Us

    • Jason Tong

      Jason TongGeneral ManagerSteel pipe has become part of my life, I am deeply in love with her.

    • Owen Wong

      Owen WongManger of Overseas Business DeptWhere there is no struggle, there is no strength!

    • Grace Cai

      Grace Cai Overseas Business Dept"American countries & Southeast Asian countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, etcsTo be the best at one field!"

    • Alinda Tang

      Alinda TangOverseas Business DeptIf you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.

    • Betty Chen

      Betty ChenOverseas Business DeptKeep faith, work hard.

    • Jessie Jiang

      Jessie JiangOverseas Business DeptAs a sales, I cherish the quality and customer as my watchword!

    • Emily Chen

      Emily ChenOverseas Business DeptSpecialzied in welded pipe, mainly market is in Middle East/ Weded Pipe such as ERW, LSAW.

    • Leonardo.Ouyang

      Leonardo.OuyangOverseas Business DeptReliable steel pipe section solution’s assistant.

    • Alva Tan

      Alva TanOverseas Business DeptFocus on manufacturing and supplying SMLS, ERW, LSAW & SSAW pipe. Chance favors only the prepared mind.

    • Linda Long

      Linda LongOverseas Business Dept“Where there is a will, there is a way!” This is Linda from Bestar Middle East overseas business department.

    • Jeffney Xie

      Jeffney XieOverseas Business DeptFast Response,Professional Solution,Meticulous service,Biggest Support,if you're looking for this ,welcome here.

    • Vivian?Zhang

      Vivian?ZhangOverseas?Business?DeptThe Best is Bestar Steel !

    • Anny

      AnnyOverseas Business Dept.Do one thing at a time, and do well. Never say die.

    • Ervin Zhang

      Ervin ZhangOverseas Business DeptTrust me!I'm your most confident reliable partner in China.

    • Cindy Jiang

      Cindy JiangOverseas Business DeptExperience is the mother of wisdom--Cindy Jiang -- South American market- SMLS steel pipe.

    • Season Kwok

      Season KwokManager of Overseas Business Dept"Manager of Southeast Asian and American countries,Your best choice of the win-win cooperation partners."

    • Danny Liu

      Danny LiuOverseas Business Dept"Best steel pipe supplier!The most trustworthy partner!"

    • Winnie Shen

      Winnie ShenOverseas Business DeptYou Never know what you can do till you try.

    • Sabrina Shek

      Sabrina ShekManager of Overseas Business Dept"The regional manager of South-East Asia and Oceania in Bestar Steel.Your reliable partner of pipe and piling ! "

    • Kim Tsang

      Kim TsangOverseas Business DeptSpecialised in the Middle-east and Africa market, main products majored in is SSAW and ERW.

    • Minny Yu

      Minny YuManager of Overseas Business DeptProfessional in Southeast Asia market like Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Pakistan.

    • Sandy Tan

      Sandy TanOverseas Business Dept.Do one thing at a time, and do well.